MiniMaximum improVision are musicians, architects and visual artists that work on narrative concepts, using acoustic and electric instruments, sampled sounds, voices, texts, objects and images.

An improvisation evolves into a sound-image flow, with its elements composed and constructed around a basic narrative theme. Ambient-melodic-noise sounds and video images interacting, pace and role reversals, planed and improvised actions, build up a cinematic atmosphere. Sound and visual units combine to form parallel, crossing and contrapuntal storytelling lines.

Lately, their work is focusing on incorporating live audiovisual installations in theater plays and performances. They form spaces by the three-dimensional installation of the sound sources, exploring the use of music as a scenic element and an essential feature of dramaturgy.

MiniMaxium improVision evolved from a duet (2005) to a sextet (2011-including sound engineer) and have performed in Athens and other cities in Greece.